Shinjuku Station Subway Advertising

We made a total of 7 solids. It has a built-in LED to reproduce the red eyes that can be said to be the life of the characters in this series. If the LED went out, a large-scale open surgery was required, but the exhibition was successfully completed without being cut off during the exhibition period.

We needed an expression that seemed to come out from the pillar, so we decided to mold it from the back with a rubber material. In CG, I made small parts one by one, but in the end, more than half of the parts were buried in the modeling.
Before molding the prototype made by 3D printing with a silicon mold, there are many parts that were filled with clay in consideration of molding.
With the skill of craftsmen in actual production like this, we make up for the parts that we couldn’t do with CG, the parts that we couldn’t think of, and the parts that we couldn’t see. The product immediately after being molded with colored rubber also had a unique transparency and felt very cool.
This is the moment when we were able to re-recognize the power of the material. From now on, We would like to make an effort to make products that can feel the power of the material without covering it with paint.