REMA statue project

We produced a large statue of artist REMA using our own sand printer.

During repeated meetings with the artist about how to create a work with a height of 3.6m, we encountered various difficult problems, such as the load capacity limit of the installation location. The biggest problem was that the sand print was too thin and weak.

Usually, many sand molds are made by pressing and hardening them in a formwork, which maintains its shape until hot molten metal is poured into it, and when the poured metal cools and hardens, the sand mold is destroyed to remove the contents.
Because it is intended for this type of process, the sand mold itself is made to be breakable.

This work has not been painted, as per the artist’s wishes.This is because the resin used in the printing process is colorless and reverts to the original color of the sand, and the fact that This 0.2㎜ diameter sand sculpture may one day fall apart. And then what happening like that is also considered a part of this work.
I think that such a “transience” can be felt from this work.